Senior Teams: Round 10, 22nd June

Senior Teams: Round 10, 22nd June

Senior Teams: Round 10, 22nd June

We have our Xmas in July and iPod shuffle events coming up, make sure you mark the dates on your calendar as details will be released very soon.
Good luck Sainters.

If you are available but not listed, please message us through facebook and will get you into a game.

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Away V Melb Uni
Saturday @ 2:40pm

W. De Jong
A. White
J. Evans
M. Wilhite
O. McMahon
J. Sheldon-Collins
T. Fitton
L. Cartwright
N. Unland
M. Oxworth
L. Papanicolou

Away V Melb Uni
Saturday @ 12:15pm

O. McMahon (DP)
R. Hodgson
G. Kingston
K. Kingston
M. Barrett
J. Swanton
J. Bent
M. McDermott
B. Findlay
A. Whiteford
A. Bright
B. Hayes

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: J. Evans


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Home V Bundoora
@ 2:40pm

E. Stones
S. Crebbin (Ump A4)
P. McCrystal
G. Wilkinson
M. Legg
K. Linley
W. Macrokanis
M. Miles
M. Stanfield
A. Holloway

Home V Bundoora
@  12:15pm

C. Hamlyn

M. Trevean

P. Rogers (Ump A3)

J. Rogers
L. Painter
C. Rogers
S. Reinhart
T. Pantelic
J. Wilkinson
W. McManus
T. Passlow
Min Jun Kim

Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Jonathon Rogers


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D Early


(Old Boys)
Away V Forest Hill
@Knox – 12:15pm

R. Pal
R. Simonton
D. Simonton
R. Moore
Ra. Newman
Ro. Newman
S. Treble
L. Rigby
P. Tyndal
P. McArthur



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