Senior Teams: Round 11, 25th June

Senior Teams: Round 11, 25th June

Senior Teams: Round 11, 25th June

Have you given the club an RSVP for the two social events coming up (Trivia Night & the Greyhounds).Its OK if you cannot make it, but we need to know . Good luck Sainters.

If you are listed but unavailable, please let the manager of the team know ASAP.
If you are available but not listed, please contact Adam Bright or Michael Legg.

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Home V GMBC 2:25pm

W. DeJong
B. Findlay
J. Evans
J. Swanton
M. Barrett
J. Sheldon-Collins
A. Whiteford
M. McDermott (Ump Juniors)
A. Bright

Home V GMBC  12:15pm

L. Papanicolou
K. Kingston
G. Kingston
A. White
A. Araujo
R. Hodgson
T. Fitton (Ump Juniors)
G. Wilkinson
M. Oxworth

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: Matthew Barrett


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Away V GMBC 2:25pm

A. Holloway
S. Crebbin
C. Rogers
T. Pssslow
B. Hayes
S. Perkins
J. Rogers
L. Painter
S. Santura
M. Legg
N. Unland

Away V GMBC  12:15pm

M. Stanfield
M. Gregory
P. Rogers
T. Passlow
E. Stones
S. Perkins
W. Macrokanis
K. Linley
S. Santura
M. Miles

Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Jonathon Rogers
0410 692 010


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(Old Boys)

Away V Nth Bawlyn 12:15pm


Home V La Trobe Uni 2:25pm

S. Maggs
A. Barker
P. Illustrisimo
R. Pal
J. Callow
S. Rowe
D. Better
T. Thorne

Manager: TBC Managers: Millsy
0417 038 433



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