Post grid slider test

[post_grid_slider category_name=”Sponsors” timeout=”5″ rows=”1″ columns=”4″ nav_standard=”true” pause_play=”true” numberposts=”-1″]

fx: Transition of slider – fade, slide

 - timeout: Seconds in between transitions, 0 for no auto-advancing
 - nav_standard: Show standard nav dots to control slider - true or false
 - nav_arrows: Show directional arrows to control slider - true or false
 - pause_play: Show pause/play button - true or false
 - cat: Category ID(s) to include/exclude
 - category_name: Category slug(s) to include/exclude
 - categories: @deprecated
 - tag: Tag(s) to include/exclude
 - columns: Number of posts per row
 - rows: Number of rows per slide
 - numberposts: Total number of posts, -1 for all posts
 - orderby: post_date, title, comment_count, rand
 - order: DESC, ASC
 - offset: Number of posts to offset off the start, defaults to 0
 - crop: Featured image crop size override (be careful!)

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