Team Selections

Senior Teams Round 15, 2021

We’re back on the diamond this week! There are a number of restrictions in place – the main ones being facemarks and the need to check in at the ground. Please follow any further instructions of club officials – we all want to keep playing.

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Senior Teams Round 12, 2021

An important round this week with number of our teams looking to bounce back from last week. Having a large number of players unavailable doesn’t help – but we’ve been there before and put up some impressive wins. Good luck Sainters.

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Senior Teams Round 10, 2021

Baseball with spectators – how wonderful. We are past the half way mark and there are still a number of players with fees outstanding. Please see a committee member if payment is a problem, we confidentially work out a payment plan that will allow you to keep playing.

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Senior Teams Round 9, 2021

Baseball is back Baby! As exciting as that is we all need to be aware that there are certain restrictions and conditions still in place.
So if you are asked to do something regarding Covid protocols – just do it. Fingers crossed it won’t be for much longer.

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Senior Teams Round 4, 2021

A bit of player movement this week – please check carefully and let us know ASAP if you are can or can’t play.
With two teams making the trek out to Broadford we need to ensure the teams are filled correctly.

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