Senior Teams: 1st September

Senior Teams: 1st September

Senior Teams: 1st September

A massive week for the club with no less than 5 teams playing in Grand Finals. Our A1 side are also playing to win their way into the A Grade Grand Final next week.

The big day starts with:
U17 v Watsonia/Westgarth, 8:45am @ Westgarth

Then its time for the Senior Grand Finals and A the Grade Preliminary Final.

EE v Knox, 12:30pm @ Croydon
A4 v Watsonia, 12:30pm @Knox
A3 v Watsonia, 3pm @ Knox
A2 v Heathmont, 12:30pm @ Latrobe Uni
A1 v GMBC, 3pm @ Latrobe Uni

Don’t be afraid to use facebook or team app throughout the day so we can all keep track of whats happening.

Win, lose or draw everyone is invited back to the clubrooms on Saturday night to help celebrate the 2018 Season.

Good luck Sainters.


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Saints V GMBC
@ La Trobe Uni – 3:00pm

A. Jones
B. Findlay
J. Evans
M. Wilhite
O. McMahon
J. Sheldon-Collins
T. Fitton
N. Unland
G. Alvarado
M. Oxworth
L. Papanicolou

Saints V Heathmont (Grand Final )
@ Latrobe Uni –  12:30pm

S. Bucello
R. Hodgson
J. Bent
K. Kingston
M. Barrett
M. McDermott
A. Whiteford
A. Bright
G. Kingston
G. Wilkinson

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: N. Unland


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Saints V Watsonia (Grand Final)
@ Knox –  3:00pm

A. Holloway
S. Crebbin
L. Unland
T. Odlum
A. Araujo
A. White
E. Stones
J. Rogers
P. Mc Crystal
M. Legg
C. Rogers

Saint V Watsonia (Grand Final)
@ Knox – 12:30pm

M. Trevean
B. Lewis
S. Linley
S. Reinhart
L. Painter
C. Hamlyn
K. Linley
M. Miles
W. McManus
J. Wilkinson
S. Maggs
B. Petty
R. Pal

Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Jonathon Rogers


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Saints V Knox (Grand Final)
@ Croydon – 12:30pm

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