Senior Teams: Finals Week 2

Senior Teams: Finals Week 2

Senior Teams: Finals Week 2

A massive day of finals baseball awaits us this Saturday. The Saints are represented across 5 grades (The ‘Old Boys’ win last week sees them progress through to their Grand Final next week).
There are grand finals, a semi final and prelim finals all to be held. So clear your calendar and get along to as many games as you can.

The following teams will be playing at the this Saturday:

  • A1 V Watsonia @ Watsonia 1:30pm (Semi-Final)
  • A2 V Nth Bawlyn @ Ringwood 1:30pm (Prelim Final)
  • A4 V Knox @ Knox 3:00pm (Prelim Final)
  • U17 V Waverley @ Ringwood 8:45am (Grand Final)
  • U13 V Waverley @ Knox 9:00am (Grand Final)

Senior team selections are listed below. Good luck to everyone who is playing – Go saints!

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Away V Watsonia
@ 1:30pm

W. De Jong
A. White
J. Evans
M. Wilhite
O. McMahon
J. Sheldon-Collins
L. Cartwright
A. Bright
J. Bent
L. Papanicolou
S. Bucello
S. Linley
G. Wilkinson

Home V Nth Bawlyn
@ 1:30pm

B. Findlay
R. Hodgson
K. Kingston
M. Mc Dermott
M. Barrett
J. Swanton
M. Oxworth
T. Fitton
A. Whiteford
P. McCrystal
G. Kingston
B. Hodgson

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: J. Evans


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D Early

Home  V Knox
@ Knox 3:00pm

M. Stanfield
M. Trevean
C. Rogers
S. Reinhart
L. Painter
J. Rogers
C. Hamlyn
T. Passlow
J. Wilkinson
Min Jun Kim
P. Rogers
W. McManus

Grand Final Next Week

Manager: Jonathon Rogers



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