Senior Teams: Round 10, 20th June

Senior Teams: Round 10, 20th June

Senior Teams: Round 10, 20th June

Our firsts had an important win last week, can they get a streak going and stay in touch with the top 4.
We were one win short of a clean sweep in the seniors, lets see if we can make it 6 form 6 this week. Goodluck Sainters!

If you are available but not listed, please contact Adam Bright or Michael Legg.

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Home V Research – 2:40pm

W. De Jong

B. Findlay

G. Kingston

N. Unland

P. Schroeders

O. Dunn

A. Whiteford

K. Hillier

L. Cartwright

M. Oxworth

A. Bright

Home V Research  – 12:15pm

J. Evans

K. Kingston

M. Barrett

B. Hodgson

R. Hodgson

R. Patel

G. Wilkinson

M. Upton

J. Wolstencroft

B. Hayes

S. Bucello

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: Matthew Barrett


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Away V GMBC @ P.Hill – 2:40pm

N. Mason

A. Holloway

S. Crebbin

C. Rogers

M. Whiting

J. Rogers

C. Shafto

M. Legg

D. Johnson

T. Passlow

Away V GMBC @ P.Hill – 12:15pm

L. Hodge

S. Maggs

D. High


P. Rogers

L. Omichi

L. Painter

K. Linley

M. Gregory


Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Jonathon Rogers
0410 692 010


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Home V Port. Melb – 2:40pm

J. Saunders

M. Lording

D. Schroeders

J. Mc Neill

M. Evans

E. Stones

C. Reid

A. Barker

R. Saunders

M. Stanfield


(Old Boys)
Home V Port. Melb – 12:15pm

Managers: Millsy
0417 038 433
Manager: TBC



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