Senior Teams: Round 3, 29th April

Senior Teams: Round 3, 29th April

Senior Teams: Round 3, 29th April

Thank you to those who attended our Dinner on the Diamond last week – a fantastic night with a good mix of junior and senior members in attendance. This week will give us our first taste of ‘winter’ ball. Hopefully the worst of the wet weather has passed this week and everyone gets their games in. Good Luck Sainters.

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Home V Essendon
@ 2:40pm

A. Jones
B. Findlay
J. Evans
J. Barnett
N. Unland
J. Sheldon-Collins
A. Whiteford
L. Cartwright
L. Papanicolou
J. Bent
S. Bucello
B. Hodgson

Home V Essendon
@ 12:15pm

J. Evans (DP)
S. Crebbin
G. Kingston
M. Barrett
J. Wolstencroft
B. Hayes
W. Macrokanis
T. Fitton
M. McDermott
M. Oxworth

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: N. Unland


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Away V Bundoora
@ 2:40pm

A. Holloway
A. Araujo
C. Rogers
T. Odlum
P. McChrystal
K. Linley
G. Wilkinson
J. Rogers
M. Legg

Away V Bundoora
@  12:15pm

S. Rowe
S. Sanntura
M. Miles
C. Hamlyn
P. Rogers
S. Fitton
M. Fitton
A. Barker
M. Gregory

Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Michael Gregory


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(Old Boys)

Home V Watsonia


Home V Watsonia
@ 2:40pm

A. Callow
S. Maggs
J. Batties
P. O’Conner
J. Callow
J. L-Reid
W. McManus
D. Better
R. Pal
P. Guidetti



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