Senior Teams: Round 4, 2nd May

Senior Teams: Round 4, 2nd May

Senior Teams: Round 4, 2nd May

Goodluck this week Sainters. Thank you to those who have paid their fees or have arranged a payment plan.

It costs a significant amount to get the club up and running each season so please pay your fees as soon as possible or arrange a payment plan with the committee.

If you are listed but unavailable, please let the manager of the team know ASAP.
If you are available but not listed, please contact Adam Bright or Michael Legg.

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Home V Forest Hill 2:40pm

L. Papanicolou

B. Findlay

J. Evans

N. Unland

R. Hodgson

O. Dunn

P. Schroeders

L. Cartwright

M. Barrett

A. Whiteford

W. DeJong

A. Bright

Home V Forest Hill 12:15pm

S. Bucello

B. Hodgson

G. Kinston

B. Hayes

J. Wolstencroft

M. Mc Dermott

M. Upton

K. Hillier

C. Shafto

M. Oxworth

N. Mason

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: Matthew Barrett


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Away V Forest Hill 2:40pm

A. Holloway

S. Crebbin

C. Rogers

M. Legg

M. Whiting

J. Rogers

G. Wilkinson

K. Linley

D. Johnson

Away V Forest Hill 12:15pm

M. Stanfield

D. Schroeders

R. Dunstan

L. Painter

P. Rogers

L. Omichi

M. Gregory

A. Barker

S. Maggs

N. Black

Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Jonathon Rogers
0410 692 010


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Home V Upwey 2:40pm

M. Lording

B. Peden

E. Stones

J. Saunders


M. Evans

J. Mc Neill

B. Weekes

L. DeKort

S. Pickard

(Old Boys) Home V Upwey 12:15pm

Managers: Millsy Manager: TBC



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