Senior Teams: Round 4, 6th May

Senior Teams: Round 4, 6th May

Senior Teams: Round 4, 6th May

Some great results last week saw our seniors win 5 out of the 6 games played. Don’t forget next week we are having our Ladies Day at the club. Its not too late to book a seat for your wife, girlfriend, mum, sister, daughter….  Its a great day and a good way to introduce someone to baseball.

Good luck Sainters!

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Away V Greensborough
@ 2:40pm

A. Jones
B. Findlay
J. Evans
J. Swanton
J. Barnett
M. Barrett
A. Whiteford
N. Unland
M. Oxworth
J. Bent

Away V Greensborough
@ 12:15pm

J. Evans (DP)
A. Araujo
G. Kingston
S. Bucello
J. Wolstencroft
B. Hayes
G. Wilkinson
M. McDermott
W. Macrokanis
A. Bright

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: N. Unland


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A3 Home V Knox
@ 2:40pm

A. Holloway
S. Crebbin
A. White
T. Odlum
P. McChrystal
K. Linley
C. Rogers
J. Rogers
M. Legg

Home V Knox
@  12:15pm

A. Barker
M. Gregory
M. Miles
C. Hamlyn
P. Rogers
S. Fitton
E. Stones
M. Fitton
S. Rowe
S. Sanntura

Manager: Michael Legg
0402 902 418
Manager: Michael Gregory


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(Old Boys)

Away V La Trobe Uni


Away V La Trobe Uni
@ 2:40pm

D. Better
A. Callow
J. Callow
P. Guidetti
S. Maggs
W. McManus
R. Pal
C. Reid
A. Smith
B. Petty



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