Teams: Round 17, 16th August

Teams: Round 17, 16th August

Teams: Round 17, 16th August

A big Saturday coming up. All three junior teams in finals and 6 of our 7 senior teams play their last regular season games for 2014. Don’t forget to hang around (or make you way back to) the clubrooms after the late game for our traditional ‘Last Game Dinner’
Good luck everyone.

If you are listed but unavailable, please let the manager of the team know ASAP.

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Home V Research 2:40pm

W. DeJong

P. Schroeders

J. Evans

J. Sheldon-Collins

S. Bookluck

O. Dunn

A. Whiteford

L. Cartwright

N. Unland

B. Findlay

L. Papanicolou

B. Cheeseman

A. Bright


Home V Research 12:15pm

R. Bromley

R. Hodgson

G. Kingston

B. Hayes

M. Barrett

R. Patel

M. McDermott

K. Hillier

M. Oxworth

K. Kingston

R. Hopper

Manager: Adam Bright
Ph: 0403 150 919
Manager: Chris Harman
Ph: 0424 715 975


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Away V North Bawlyn 2:40pm

N. Mason

L. Omichi

P. Rogers

B. Hodgson


T. Grabham


G. Wilkinson

B. Weeks


Away V North Bawlyn 12:15pm

T. Bromley


N. Dyson

S. Mills

A. Barker

N. Black

N. Evans

C. Reid

A. Visuna

M. Thompson

M. Dyson


Manager: Peter Rogers 
Manager: Nick Black
Ph: 0439 338 496


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 Home V Mitchell Majors 2:40pm

A. Holloway

S. Crebbin

C. Rogers

T. Passlow

M. Legg

S. Perkins

J. Rogers

K. Linley

C. Shafto

D. Johnson

   Home V Mitchell Majors 12:15pm

M. Stanfield

S. Maggs (RE)

D McKenzie

M. Evans

J. Wolstencroft

L. Painter (RE)

S. Evans

D. High

C. Ludowyke (RE)

S. Morris (RE)

Manager: Jonathon Rogers
0410 692 010
Manager: Shane Evans
Ph: 0467 670 736


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Away V North Corbug 12:15pm

P. Tyndall

D. Simonton

R. Newman

R. Simonton

G. Graham

R. Moore

P. McArthur

D. Moore

L. Rigby

C. Barrett

S. Haslam

Manager: TBC


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