Uniform Preference Survey

Uniform Preference Survey

Uniform Preference Survey

The Club’s current uniform has been in existence for quite some time. Some love it, others loath it. It has served us well and some say it will continue to represent us well for years to come. However we are aware there has been increasing discussions in the last few years about tweaking or completely changing the uniform.

Earlier this year the committee conducted some surveys to clarify the direction we should take regarding our Uniform. The results of the surveys indicated that approximately 70% of those that responded would like to see the Club change to a predominately red jersey.

Through the Chat function in the club’s Team App, and discussions at games/training sessions we have been able to collate the feedback, ideas and suggestions from our members.

The committee can now present you with three possible options for a new jersey.

We invite you to select your preference in the survey section of our Team App.
Any additional comments you have are also welcome.

Closing date to submit your preference is 29th September 2019. The committee will then review the results and feedback before making an announcement in late October.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We believe this change is a positive one and look forward to announcing the winning design in the not too distant future.

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