We’re Back – Almost!

We’re Back – Almost!

We’re Back – Almost!

Hi Sainters,

As you may or may not have seen, we have been given the green light by Baseball Vic to start training.

There are some very specific limitations as to what we can do, the biggest hurdle is we are limited to two groups of ten people per diamond at any one time.

We know all of us are itching to get back to the diamond. However, given the size of our club, how we can best look after all of our members will take some time to work through.

No date for when we can return to actual games has been set yet.

Over the next few days the club will be putting in place protocols to make sure our return is safe and inline with the appropriate regulations.

We expect to have a plan next week but a lot of what we can do will be based on how many players (both junior and senior) we need to cater for.

Can you please let us know (email, facebook, team app) if you are interested in training with the intention of playing the Winter season with us.

See the Baseball Victoria website for more information. Click here


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