We’re Back

We’re Back

We’re Back


Maroondah Council & Baseball Victoria have approved our strategy plan for our return to training. Our approval comes with a set of protocols that are quite lengthy, but rather than bore you with them – let’s focus on getting you back on the diamond safely.

First and foremost every player who intends to train must first register via the “Ringwood Baseball Club 2020 Baseball Victoria Back to Training Registration” website click here

It’s FREE & just takes a couple of minutes.

Only those players who have registered will be allowed to train (Juniors and Seniors) No Exceptions.

Every player MUST sign in at the allocated sign in desk before their training session and provide proof of registration.


A squad selected by Adam Bright (Club Coach) will train this Saturday 30th May. This will allow the club to ensure that we have covered all our bases (pun intended) in relation to the protocols we have to follow.

We know other clubs have already begun training but given the number of players we have to cater for, we would rather err on the side of caution than put our players’ health and future training sessions in jeopardy.

All the other players can begin training with the club on Saturday 6th June, where multiple training times will be staggered to ensure everyone’s safety. We will announce those time next week.

Every player is to bring his/her own gear & drink bottle. Please do NOT borrow or use anyone else’s gear or drink bottle.

Hand sanitiser MUST be used by ALL players at 20-minute intervals during training. Club issued sanitiser will placed at numerous locations. Players are encouraged to also have their own sanitiser.

The clubhouse and the changerooms will remain closed until further notice. However, the toilets will be accessible.

We can’t stress the following enough:

  • If you are NOT registered you will NOT be permitted to train – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We must adhere to the maximum of 10 players and two coaching staff per training group (Until further notice).
  • We can have two groups on each diamond, one group in the infield and one in the outfield with approximately 20 metres in between them. (Until further notice).
  • The groups may not swap over at any time and need to remain in their section for the entire training session.
  • No one else, REPEAT, no one else – players, parents, committee members and/or friends can be on the field while training is underway or they will count to the numbers in the group & lead to a possible breach & fine.
  • Parents will be able to attend training with children in limited numbers but MUST maintain social distancing (Preferably watch form your car).
  • Once training is over, players MUST immediately leave Proclamation Park to allow the next group to safely enter their allocated training time and space.

Its pretty simple: SIGN IN – TRAIN – GET OUT!

Finally, the most important thing we ask is that if you have any flu like symptoms or feel unwell – PLEASE STAY AT HOME.



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